Permanent Recruitment

Sebetsa understands that in today’s ultra-competitive world immediate response is expected without fail and due to an ever-increasing level of customer service, we have developed and will continue developing models that provides access to a workforce that is flexible and available at short notice to meet the changing demands of your business. Some of our models seeks to address the challenges faced by businesses which encounter: Costly training, absenteeism, Employees lacking the flexibility to perform various duties due to not being sufficiently trained, which results in high overtime costs to make up for the skills shortfall.

First, we will team up with you to learn what you are looking for in an ideal employee and make sure every person we place has the skills to do the job described, and the personality to fit their organization. Our proven hiring process ensures that your company will receive qualified, skill-tested employees that meet your hiring standards. We offer a competitive fee structure into the current marketplace.

Sebetsa Staffing’s Hiring Process includes, but is not limited to:

  • Specialized Recruiting
  • Comprehensive Skills Testing
  • Expert Screening
  • Thorough In-Person Interviews
  • Safety Orientation & Training
  • 3 Work References
  • License Verification
  • Criminal Background Check

Benefits Include

  • Reduce time to fill positions/vacancies.
  • Knowledge on the market.
  • Immediate access to top talent.
  • Savings on advertising spend.
  • Timely turnover for ideal candidate to fulfill permanent position.

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